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Latest Styles In Men’S Boxer Underwear

October 19, 2010 on 5:14 am | In Boxer | No Comments

Latest Styles In Men’S Boxer Underwear

Boxer underwear is arguably the most preferred choice of male underwear. Of course underwear is a very personal thing but we have to look for comfort, perfect fit and quality of fabric when selecting underwear. Market analysts opine that cotton boxers are the ones in great demand.

Here are a few latest types of boxers – 2(x)ist Basic Button Fly Boxer Underwear, Calvin Klein Cotton Knit Boxer, C-IN2 Snap Fly Boxer, Hanro Basic Classics Retro Boxer, C-IN2 Side Vent Boxer, Lands\’ End Pattern Broadcloth Boxers.

There are special types of boxer briefs that fit from the waist to the top of the thigh and are recognized as the classic style of men\’s underwear. The sides are wider than bikinis and the length is shorter than standard boxer briefs. Low rise briefs fit lower in the waist than regular briefs and the side fabric is also narrower.
The fit of Boxers varies from loose fitting to tight fitting. Boxer shorts are the ones that offer maximum loose fit and cover the body from the waist down to about mid-thigh. They often come with an elastic waist band and fly in front.  Boxer shorts generally resemble the shorts that professional boxers wear in the boxing ring. Few of the boxer shorts are made of silk while most others are made of synthetic materials. The materials which present day boxer shorts are made are also from a variety of fabrics that include anti bacterial fabrics, soft silky micro-fibers and organic cotton.  

Boxer shorts are today available in different designs and styles and when you look at some online retailers you will be confronted with too wide a range and confused what to pick. Boxer shorts were for long regarded as loose fitting shorts that offers little or no support. But today the styles of boxers have undergone a sea change. Fitted boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks, maxis and hipsters are among the host of styles available in the market.

Boxer briefs are a bit shorter than boxer shorts and also fit closer almost clinging to the body. The boxer brief style is a versatile type of men\’s underwear suitable for all physical builds. Trunk styles of men\’s underwear are a lot like the boxer briefs except the leg length is shorter. Gone are also the days of the button fly, although these are still available for old-timers who want them. It is indeed a fact that the modern man has to contend with a much more demanding life that he expects more convenient functional aspects of designer men\’s boxers.

There are sexually provocative boxer shorts with top styles including men\’s boxers, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, silk boxers etc. Most manufacturers offer a cutting edge line of men\’s sexy underwear, specializing in men\’s boxers in both classic and trendy designs. You will be struck with wonder when you see the array of new and exciting prints, different fabrics, and multitude of colors the range of sexy men\’s underwear. There are boxer shorts in lots of different patterns and colors, and are worn partly exposed in some trendy fashion. For a truly sexy look, boxer trunks can be opaque, semi opaque or wholly transparent concealing nothing.

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A Boxer holds the record for having the longest tongue WOW can you imagine that 😀
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Simon and Garfunkel The Boxer (Original)

September 18, 2010 on 12:09 pm | In Boxer | 25 Comments

Simon and Garfunkel The Boxer
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Boxer Shorts

September 12, 2010 on 6:38 pm | In Boxer | No Comments

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts (also known as loose boxers or as simply boxers) are a type of underwear worn by men. The term has been used in English since 1944 for all-around-elastic shorts, so named after the shorts worn by pugilists, for whom unhindered leg movement (‘footwork’) is almost as important as the completely free arm movement of the barechested fighters.

fir seamless underwearReasons for a preference for boxers can be attributed to their variety of styles and design as well as the way boxers look on the wearer. Unlike traditional briefs, boxers allow for more freedom in the selection of a fabric type and print design.

Boxer shorts (also known as loose boxers or as simply boxers) are a type of underwear worn by men. The term has been used in English since 1944 for all-around-elastic shorts, so named after the shorts worn by pugilists, for whom unhindered leg movement (‘footwork’) is almost as important as the completely free arm movement of the barechested fighters.

Reasons for a preference for boxers can be attributed to their variety of styles and design as well as the way boxers look on the wearer. Unlike traditional briefs, boxers allow for more freedom in the selection of a fabric type and print design.

apparel clothing knitwearIn 1925, Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks, now known as “boxer trunks”, immediately became famous, but were later eclipsed by the popular Jockey-style briefs beginning in the late 1930s. Around 1947, boxer shorts started to gain in popularity again.[citation needed] The two styles, briefs and boxer shorts, had varying ratios of sales for the following forty years, with strong regional and generational preferences.

In more recent decades, boxer shorts got a fashion boost in 1984 when English model and musician Nick Kamen stripped to blue boxers in a 1950s style “Launderette” in a Levi’s commercial.[1] Although briefs today outsell boxer shorts, that trend is waning with boxer shorts sales a significantly higher portion of sales for men under 40. Since the 1990s, some men also opt for boxer briefs as a compromise between the two.

Most boxer shorts have a fly in front. Boxer shorts manufacturers have a couple of methods of closing the fly: metal snaps or a button or two. However, many boxer shorts on the market do not need a fastening mechanism to close up the fly as the fabric is cut and the shorts are designed to sufficiently overlap and fully cover the opening. This is commonly known as an open fly design.

Since boxer shorts fabric is rarely stretchy, a “balloon seat”, a generous panel of loosely-fitting fabric in the center rear of the shorts, is designed to accommodate the wearer’s various movements, especially bending forward. The most common sewing design of boxer shorts are made with a panel seat that has two seams running on the outer edges of the back seating area, creating a center rear panel. Most mass produced commercial boxer shorts are made using this design.

Two less common forms of boxer shorts are “gripper” boxers and “yoke front” boxers. Gripper boxers have an elastic waistband like regular boxers but have snaps, usually 3, on the fly and on the waistband so that they open up completely. Yoke front boxers are similar to gripper boxers in that the wide waistband yoke can be opened up completely, and the yoke usually has three snaps to close it while the fly itself, below, has no closure mechanism. There are two types of yoke boxers: one in which there is a short piece of elastic on each side of the waistband which snugs up the yoke to fit the waist; and “tie-sides” which have narrow cloth tapes on each side of the waist yoke, like strings, which are tightened and knotted by the wearer to make an exact fit. This style of underwear was very common during World War II, when the rubber needed for elastic waistbands had to be used for military purposes.

Boxer shorts are available in white and solid colors including pastels, and come in a variety of patterns and prints as well; Traditional patterns include “geometrics” (small repeating geometric designs), plaids and vertical stripes. Additionally, there are innumerable “novelty” boxer short patterns. Boxer shorts are produced using various fabrics including all cotton, cotton/polyester blends, jersey knits and silk.

Some studies have suggested that tight underwear and high temperature are bad for sperm. The reasoning is based on the following: the testicles are outside the body for cooling because they operate for sperm production at a lower temperature than the rest of the body, and boxer shorts allow the testes to operate within the required temperature range. The compression of the genitals in briefs may cause the temperature to rise and sperm production to fall. This is a similar theory regarding testicular cancer risk.[2]

In 1975, an advertisement for boxer shorts created a recurring urban legend. The fall/winter Sears catalogue displayed two underwear models, one wearing briefs and another wearing boxer shorts. The model wearing the boxer shorts appears to have part of his penis (some sources say a testicle) exposed. At the time, this caused a stir because of possible indecent exposure. However, Sears states that it is a printing defect and the same ad reappeared in color in a later catalogue, where no penis is shown. Despite the publicity, Sears did not release a copy of the colored ad to allow the public to verify its statement. Without the proof, the urban legend still persists in popular culture

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Distinctive Behaviors Of Boxer Dogs

August 23, 2010 on 5:49 pm | In Boxer | No Comments

Distinctive Behaviors Of Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs are a popular dog breed and have some distinctive behaviors all their own. Boxers do not exhibit alot of dog problems that are common among other breeds of dogs however. The common distinctive behaviors found in boxer dogs are :

Loyalty and Self Confidence- The boxer is friendly and very loyal to their owners, content on just being with them and lying at their feet. Boxer dog owners cherish the devotion this breed gives them. Most vowing to never own another breed of dog. The boxer is a strong and noble breed who exudes self confidence. Affectionate -Natural Child Protector- The boxer dog adores most children and will naturally become playmate and protector of children. Boxers show a devote affection to their owners and strangers when properly socialized and introduced. The Woo Woo- The “woo woo” is a vocalization that boxer dogs are common for making during play, which is an invitation to play with them or you have something they want. It is quite comical in nature. The boxer is often referred to as the clown of the dog breed. The Wiggle Butt- The “wiggle butt” is an excessive wiggling of the hind quarters that boxer dogs exhibit. It is an excitable gesture, happy to see you as well as a compensation in body language communication to show friendly motives to others including dogs. Boxers are a docked breed, with the docked tail, this behavior serves as an over-exaggeration of friendly tail wagging to let others know they mean no harm. Oooo- This is definitely something all boxer owners have said when the boxer expels flatus (gas) in both silent and out loud fashion in their proximity. The boxer is quite intelligent and will often move away from the bad smell before the owners do. Boxing- The boxer does like to play using its front paws in a boxing motion, looking much like a boxer fighter would in the ring. Mouthing- The boxer dog can be seen quite often play mouthing with another dog or human, making a distinctive moaning vocalization and head tilting motion from side to side with the mouth wide open. It is not a sign of aggression. Young boxer puppies as young as 3-4 weeks old will start this behavior with litter mates. It is a natural play gesture of boxer dogs. Hugging- The boxer does like to hug ( rear up placing paws on your shoulders)and should be taught at an early age not to do it. Especially in homes with children and elderly adults.


These are NOT Common Behaviors seen in Boxer Dogs:

Excessive Barking- Barking is a way of communication in dogs and boxers do not over compensate this. Boxers usually only bark to alert the arrival of new visitors, guarding their territory or during play.They are not excessive barkers like toy breeds or hunting/hound breeds. They do not bark for unknown reasons. Aggression- Boxers might look mean and tough but they are not aggressive dogs. They have a very retractable guarding behavior.They will alert to visitors and can defend their territory if real threats are given. If aggression appears in a boxer it is usually manifested from bad breeding(genetic), medical conditions and ill treatment from humans or other dogs. Aggression can be seen in any breed of dog who is not spayed or neutered, not properly socialized or who is fearful and uncertain of the situation. Stressful and painful situations and to protect valued resources are also common ways dogs show aggression. Fear Phobias- Some boxers may exhibit fear phobias of people, thunderstorms and loud noises although not common for the breed. Phobias can manifest because of lack of socialization and traumas at an early age including unknown reasons. Jumping on People- This is not a common behavior for boxers unless improper training has occurred or excitable behaviors are encouraged, hugging is not the same thing but is likewise not desirable to most people. Training Problems- The boxer is an easy to train dog with the proper motivation. Consistent and humane methods are favored. Separation Anxiety- The boxer thrives in a social environment with its family. Some boxers may exhibit separation anxiety if left to their own accord and become bored. Behaviors like chewing, digging, destruction of property, house soiling, whining and excessive barking for no apparent reason to their owners are common signs of separation anxiety. Boxers will not show signs of these behaviors if adequately exercised, trained and their social needs met. Obsessive Licking- Most boxers are not lickers per se but on occasion you’ll find one who is, trying to show their submissive side to their owners and friends. Often this behavior occurs because of the boxers uncertainty in a given situation or overly harsh treatment from owners. They may lick in an effort to elicit food or water. Submissive Urination- It is unusual behavior for a boxer to exhibit submissive urination, that is urinating when approached or excited. Those showing signs of submissive urination problems should be checked by a veterinarian to rule out medical conditions. This dog behavior problem is often a sign of a underlying medical issue, overly excessive excitement and/or trauma.


The common distinct behaviors of the boxer dog makes them truly a dog for all seasons and loved the world over by thousands, possibly millions of humans. If you have a boxer exhibiting any of those dog problem behaviors not common among this breed please contact a trainer, behaviorist, canine behavior consultant and/or veterinarian for help.

About the Author: Angela Donald is a canine behavior consultant, boxer dog breeder, exhibitor of international champion boxer dogs, a forty year veteran boxer owner and is involved in boxer rescue.She is also the author and publisher of the Boxer Behavioral Journal and contributes to the Dog-Canine Blog. If you would like more information about boxer dogs or need help with your dog problems you may visit About Boxer Dogs ©2009 COPYRIGHTED, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLDWIDE.


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