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Some Information Regarding Cairn Terrier Pet Dogs

October 12, 2010 on 9:29 pm | In Cairn Terrier | No Comments

Some Information Regarding Cairn Terrier Pet Dogs

If you are thinking of getting a Cairn terrier pet dog, then you need to know some information about it first. Why? Well, knowing the right information about anything will help you in the long run. This is especially true when we are talking about a pet ownership. Before you get a Cairn terrier pet dog, you need to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. You need to know how to take proper care of your Cairn terrier pet dog and you also need to know what to expect when you are getting one.

Thankfully, there are a lot of sites on the internet which can provide you the necessary information. To save you some time, however, here are the basics:

Originally bred in the Scottish highlands, the Cairn terrier is the smallest of all terrier breeds. You should not let the size deceive you when you are getting a Cairn terrier pet dog, however. The Cairn terrier was first bred because of its working ability. You know what this means? This means energy.

A Cairn terrier pet dog has a lot of energy to spare. They can gain a lot from taking brisk walks daily. However, you should know that they do best when they have a fenced-in yard to play in. This way, they get more room when they play. Their high energy also means that they aren’t really suitable for apartment or condo living. If you live in such places, then having a Cairn terrier pet dog is not for you.

Their energy may also put them in danger. This is the reason why you need to make sure that a Cairn terrier pet dog stays in one area. Their natural instincts tell them to dig and run and these activities may lead to accidents if unsupervised.

There are, however, a lot of positive things that can be said about a Cairn terrier pet dog’s energy. For one thing, it makes the dog fun to play with. It can play for hours on end, giving you the companionship that you want. Another positive with this energy is the fact that this energy can be channeled into good purposes. A Cairn terrier pet dog is naturally inquisitive and is always willing to participate in a new adventure. This means that a Cairn terrier pet dog can be easily taught to do tricks. They learn tricks very fast and thrive in obedience training.

You need to make sure that your Cairn terrier pet dog is trained properly since untrained ones have a tendency to be destructive when they are bored.

Let us talk about the proper care for a Cairn terrier pet dog. One thing you do not need to worry about is its coat. The Cairn terrier pet dog was not bred for the beauty of its coat. The coat of a Cairn terrier pet dog is weather resistant and sheds little to no fur. Because of this, it can be a great indoor pet.

Being the smallest of terrier breeds, however, makes Cairn terrier pet dogs especially vulnerable to various health problems. Care must be taken when feeding it as it can gain weight quite rapidly. A Cairn terrier pet dog is also especially sensitive to fleas. However, you can be sure that this is one of the best breeds around.

Razak Haruna is a computer scientist. An experienced owner and lover of dogs. Learn more on how to stop the annoying behavior of your doggie and have it trained perfectly at my blog

The Cairn Terrier Essential Dog Breed Info

October 5, 2010 on 4:02 pm | In Cairn Terrier | 25 Comments

The Cairn Terrier Essential Dog Breed Info

The Cairn Terrier is a small terrier type dog that has more of the personality and instinctive drives of a hunting dog than it does of a terrier. In the original countryside where the Cairn was found, the Highlands of Scotland, this was the breed of choice for hunting the fox, the badger and the otter. Terriers with this sort of drive are often termed “sporting terriers”.

The Cairn terrier of modern times can be found in many colors. The only “forbidden” color is white. Back when the Cairn was developed, the white coloring split off into a separate breeding that later became known as the West Highland White Terrier. Any Cairn that is born a solid white is a “throwback” to this part of the bloodline and to keep the “Westy” pure, a white Cairn may not be shown and any offspring would not be registerable.

The Cairn is generally healthy but there presently exists a condition called Legg Perthes, a condition seen in other small breeds also. Legg Perthes is a malformation of the hip that can be identified with x-rays. It causes pain to the animal. In another bone-related disease, the Cairn suffers occasionally from luxation of the patella, or kneecap, which is similar to the subluxation of the hip found in hip dysplasia in larger breeds.

Another inherited condition in which the jaw becomes malformed as the puppy grows is also prevalent. This condition is called “lion jaw” and again causes pain and also prevents the dog from eating naturally. It goes without saying that any dogs afflicted with these conditions should never be used in the breeding program. Some of these bone related problems can be detected with x-rays and this is a useful tool for the serious breeder. All x-rays can be sent to the Orthopedic Foundation of American (OFA) and to similar organizations in other countries, where the x-rays are “graded” by qualified veterinarians and the resulting decision helps to determine the extent to which these bone conditions are present.

The Cairn is a popular terrier breed on both sides of the Atlantic. It often has one of the highest entries at the annual Montgomery County All Terrier show held in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania every October. It is a great family pet but its history as a “sporting terrier” defines it’s personality. It is the sort of dog that will not take no for an answer, whether it be in it’s reaction to another dog or in its desire to accomplish something other than what it’s master wishes! It is excellent with children, being plucky and ready to go. It is happy to live in a single dog household but owners shouldn’t want to leave this little dog in a fenced in area without supervision, for he is quite capable of digging himself out of a grass or dirt area. The Cairn has shown himself to be a popular entry in the “Go to Ground” Trials of terriers as well as competing in Obedience and Agility trials.

For more facts and info on the cairn terrier or a full list of dog breeds take a look at this Dog Behaviour website.

Cute Cairn Puppies! To find a breeder please visit: These Cairns are from Cabaret Cairns in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.
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Gus the Cairn Terrier – A Life

September 25, 2010 on 5:36 pm | In Cairn Terrier | 25 Comments

Gus the cairn terrier shows what makes him special.

The Cairn Terrier Dog Breed Profile and Facts

September 3, 2010 on 1:17 pm | In Cairn Terrier | No Comments

The Cairn Terrier Dog Breed Profile and Facts

The purpose of this article is to improve the public’s knowledge about dogs, the Cairn Terrier in particular. Many people decide that they want a dog based off of appearance alone. While this may not be a terrible thing to do if the person has the ability to accommodate all types of dogs, for some individuals the care for specific types of dog breeds is not possible.

The best way to avoid any surprises after the adopting or purchase of a dog is to understand the breed and what it takes to care for it. We will go over some of the basic characteristics of the Cairn Terrier to help you get a better understanding of the Cairn Terrier as a breed and possibly a new addition to your family.

The Cairn Terrier is a feisty, character filled, small in stature but not in the heart breed. Only about 12 inches tall and 15 lbs, the Cairn is an ideal size for small living areas. This breed is very mischievous, sharp in the voice and very aware of their surroundings. The Cairn is willing to eat just about anything which is easy on the wallet and just requires normal grooming maintenance. The Cairn’s long life expectancy, love of people and devilish attitude will keep your hands full as well as your heart for many years to come.

We hope that we have assisted you I your quest for knowledge and understanding of the Cairn Terrier. Please look below for some additional resources. The first thing you will want to do is see what the Cairn Terrier looks like. The next thing you will need to do is house train your Cairn Terrier. We find that one of the most common reasons that someone will get rid of Cairn Terrier’s is that they are not house trained. There is a wonderful manual that can be used and you will find the link below. Lastly we want you to show off your new Cairn Terrier. There is a wonderful online dog community complete with a forum for you to post pictures to. Check it out.

The key to success is to love your Cairn Terrier and nothing will help you achieve that more than bonding with them. Spend time with your Cairn Terrier and make this fantastic breed of dog a happy and healthy addition to your family or home.

For more facts and info on the cairn terrier or a full list of dog breeds take a look at this Dog Behaviour website.

Dog Tales TV episode
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