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The Scottie – Your Loyal Guardian

October 30, 2010 on 11:08 pm | In Scottish Terrier (Scottie) | No Comments

The Scottie – Your Loyal Guardian

Scottish terriers, commonly called Scotties, are British terriers with short legs. They originated in the Scottish highlands where they were bred with the other terriers related to them. They are such jaunty creatures that they are often used in advertisements to represent the nature of the country of their origin.

In reality, the nature of the Scottie perfectly matches its public image. Scottties are extremely loyal to their owners, in addition to being stoic and independant. They also value their privacy.

Scotties, Cairns, and Westies resemble one another a lot. The Cairns and Westies are closely related to each other. The Cairns are available in any color except white. The Westie, on the other hand, is actually a white Cairn, born when white dogs were crossed with the Cairns of west Scotland. Scotties are slightly different in the sense that they have dark coats, long heads and bodies, and usually stay aloof from the other two.

The History of the Scottie

The story of the Scottie’s origin is unclear. In the sixteenth century, the Scottie’s ancestors were sent to the king of France by the English king, James I. Later, three varieties of terriers were identified as Scotch terriers–the Cairns, the Scotties, and the Westies. The Dandie Dinmont, although related to these three breeds, has been placed in a class of its own because of the differences in its physical appearance.

Britain bred terriers to hunt animals that destroyed grain, poultry, and eggs. The terriers, therefore, evolved to be courageous dogs that could hunt foxes and badgers right upto their dens. Moreover, their soft undercoats and wiry outer coats protected them as they hunted in rough locations in harsh climatic conditions.

Interesting Facts about Your Scottie

You will be happy to know the following facts about your Scottie:

They are comfortable both indoors as well as outdoors.
They have a wiry coat about 2-inches thick.
Their color could be steel or iron gray, black, wheat, or sandy; sometimes, it is also grizzled or brindled.
They are about 10 inches tall.
They weight from 18 to 20 pounds.
They love to be praised and adapt well to the nature and habits of the family that owns them.

Caring for Your Scottie

Here are a few things that should be done regularly to keep your Scottie in a good condition:

Give your Scottie a professional grooming twice a year. Their wiry coats require professional care to maintain their texture and appearance. A good grooming will keep the coats wiry and firm.
Comb their fur twice a week and trim it occassionally.
Pluck out the dead hairs of a Scottie. Don’t use electric clippers because this will make their coats soft and dull.
They love hunting and playing with toys such as squeaky balls. Ensure that you spend some time playing with your Scottie.
Keep your Scottie on a leash when you take it for a walk in the public.

If you own or breed Scotties, you should be aware that the breed is susceptible to the following disorders:
An inherited disease called Von Willibrand’s Disease (VWD)
Allergies to fleas and other skin disorders
Disorders of the jawbone
Cramps, a minor disorder that makes it difficult for your Scottie to walk.
Loss of coordination caused by a rare neurological disorder called Cerebellar abiotrophy that progress slowly.

Do you wish to buy a Scottie for yourself? Think over the matter carefully, and don’t make any hasty decision. Cruelty to the animal and lack of training can only cause distress to it. However, if you take good care of your Scottie, it will become your loyal guardian. In fact, it can become so protective that it will protect you even though it implies danger to its own life. A Scottie, in this regard, is the only dog of its kind.

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